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Khaya Raja

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Khaya Rajangam

Khaya Raja is called Khaya Rajangam is an amazing Ayurvedic Oil.You got any small Injuries, Deep pain, Monthly Period Leg pain, Small Insect Bites, Old age leg pain for all these and many more Indictions this oil will work fantastic.If you or your children got some injury apply immediately which will prevent blood clot.Even blood clots will disperse after usage.This is one oil showed me the power of Ayurveda to me and made to turn towards Ayurveda.Use it and you will automatically recommend to others. 

Before going to the doctor and spending few hundreds on consultation and few pain killers try this first.I strongly recommend everyone should have this as a first aid medicine in their home.

For best results apply oil and leave it for overnight or three hours.Pour hot water gently while washing.Else heat an empty  silver spoon first, then pour little oil as required and apply hot.Do not boil the oil directly.

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