13860-Alterna 1-PC Easi Close Maxi Trans	Custom cut 12 - 70mm
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Brand: Seni Diappers
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  • Imported From Europe
  • Breathable disposable underwear Seni Active Normal is a perfect solution for people with light and moderate incontinence, leading an active life or participating in physical rehabilitation
  • The essential feature of Seni products is 100% breathability. Free air circulation significantly lowers the risk of chafes, skin irritations and bedsores development
  • Odour stop - anti-bacterial properties of superabsorbent bonds the odour and moisture inside to give the feeling of freshness
  • Anatomical shape, narrower absorbent core and body - closer fit guarantee more discretion, comfort and greater feeling of dryness. Optimal adjustment to the body, elastic elements ensure the freedom of movements and no pressure on the skin
  • Side standing gathers made of a hydrophobic nonwoven keep the moisture inside and prevent from side leakages
  • EDS Extra Dry System is an innovative distribution layer that absorbs wetness much faster and ensures efficient wetness distribution to improve the comfort of use
  • Pull-ups may be put on and taken off just like normal underwear. Easy removal of the used product (side perforations to tear). Wetness indicator provides information about the necessity of changing the used product. "FRONT" mark helps to distinguish back and front
  • Latex Free construction minimises the risk of allergies


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