13860-Alterna 1-PC Easi Close Maxi Trans	Custom cut 12 - 70mm
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Vega Hand Made Comb

Vega Hand Made Combs are one of the best brand in India.The speciality of this comb is it doesn't harm your scalp and help combing peaceful.It also acts as a natural massager for your scalp. Skin specialists recommend use of Hand Made combs as non-handmade combs have sharp teeth which cause harm to outer cellular layer of hair thus causing split-ends and weak hair. 

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Dressing Comb
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Thermometer embeded with Latest I.R technology For accurate Measurement of temperature. Modern and Sleek design. User friendly and effecient. Fast and accurate, Shows results in 2 seconds. Non Contageous and No cleaning repeated cleaning required. Memory of 32 measurements. Display in celcius and Fahrenheit. Alarm indicator for high temperatures. LED digital display with back light. Auto off function in 30 seconds. ..
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